fredag 10 oktober 2014

And what about yellow, orange and red...?

I wanted to explore some colours that I rarely use. Most of the time I turn for different blues and greens and these aren't "my colours" in the same way. It was really interesting how clearly I could feel the difference while painting. I felt so much more insecure and I wasn't at all sure where I was heading.

But I am so glad that I challenged myself and I like the result. I am also happy that I came up with the idea to use the green wall in Linus' room to take photos. :)

Size: 20x30 inches (approx. 51x76 cm)

I just have to add the other two as well, against the green. :) The light wasn't perfect though, and they are a little too dark at the top compared to the bottom part in these photos...

Size: 18x24 inches (approx. 46x61 cm)

Size: 12x24 inches (approx. 30x60 cm)

Have a wonderful weekend!

onsdag 8 oktober 2014

And then I painted some more...

...exploring the same shapes, but different colours...

Size: 18x24 inches (approx. 46x61 cm).

måndag 6 oktober 2014

The painting...

It measures 30x60 cm, which is approx. 12x24 inches. I mostly used acrylic paint, but also some collage and a marker and probably something else that I have forgotten about... :) It's tricky to get a good photo of it! The edges of the canvas are painted blue but I cropped the image because of the messy background. I should find a not-so-messy spot to take photos where the whole canvas is visible. :D

I actually made a drawing with this kind of shape while being at the University and listening to a lecture a few weeks ago. Being a student is good for your creativity... :D

torsdag 2 oktober 2014

Art Education

Tomorrow I'm leaving for the second meeting at the University in Gävle, for my course in "Art Education". One of the first things we were told was that "it's all about the process and not about the product" and that felt soooo good!

This is something I made a few weeks ago, during that first meeting. :) After drawing/painting the same object five times with different supplies I wasn't very happy with any one of the pieces, but I really tried not to think too much about it. Process, not product... :) ...but I actually do like the final result, where pieces of four of them were combined into one.

tisdag 30 september 2014

My Blue Ridge layouts...

Here are the layout that I've made so far, using the October kit from Cocoa Daisy. I used the main kit (I LOVE this exclusive Cocoa Daisy paper designed by Stephanie!), the DITL kit and the DITL add on for this first one. Collecting the kids from school and daycare is fabulous on days like these... :)

The "hello" is a wood veneer shape from the DITL add on and I heat embossed it using Gold Glitter Zing Embossing powder. I did the same thing to the small triangles (also wood veneers from the same add on) and to the die cut triangle tag from the DITL add on.

This second layout - with this year's "first day of school photo" - was made using the main kit, the patterned paper add on (I love that floral paper from Crate!) and the DITL kit. The blue arrow, the rub on down to the right and the gold glitter circle are from the DITL kit. I love the heart stamp - it's from the stamp subscription.

My third layout was made using the main kit, the patterned paper add on and one of Martha's fab printables.

I used some gesso, mist and Glimmer Glaze on my background.

Have a great day!

måndag 29 september 2014

Blue Ridge Reveal...!

This is how Christine describes the Blue Ridge kit - the October kit from Cocoa Daisy:  "Reds and pinks, warm sunny yellows, evergreen and mint, and the many shades of blue can be found in our papers and embellishments this month. Vellum shapes, cork and wood dots, sparkly twine, soft seam binding, cheery yellow buttons and mini clothes pins, and a collection of mini cards add to the beautiful view. A rich gold chipboard alphabet mixes with a unique puffy navy alphabet, just the right size, perfect for your titles. And of course you'll get our stamp set, designed by arleigh."

Here's the main kit:

The Day In The Life kit:

Crabtree Falls (DITL add on):

Parkway add on:

Shenandoah add on:

The October Project Art kit:

The November Daisy Day Planner kit:

Gorgeous, isn't it???! I'll have the projects I made so far posted tomorrow! Welcome back! :)